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Our Lines


How memories are held.

Classic, timeless and Elegant. Memoire offers the finest in engagement, wedding and anniversary bands. Memoire specializes int he use of 18kt gold and platinum, creating the highest quality bands available on the market today. Each stone is individually looked under a microscope by a staff GIA certified graduate gemologist, before it is approved to be set in a memoire piece. We provide our customer with the highest quality and consistency, and want all our customers to feel confident purchasing and wearing our precious stones.

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Hugo Kohl

Vintage Filagree Rings and Jewelry.

Our highly skilled craftsmen combine traditional methods with today’s technology to create an exquisite line of gold, platinum and silver filagree jewelry- truly timeless pieces. With a a collection of over 3000 hand engraved dies, most dating from the 1800’s, we bring to life some of the most incredible and exclusive jewelry ever designed.

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Unique Settings of New York.

Unique Settings of NY, manufactured and distributed from their facilities in NY. They produce their entire customizable line, quickly and efficiently. They are dedicated to continue the commitment of products “Made in America.

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Stuller Settings

Stuller Settings is based out of Lafayette, LA., and founded in 1970, by Matt Stuller. Stuller offers independent jewelers the supplies necessary for all phases of jewelry creation. Their products are sturdy time tested designs, most available next day! Making Stuller one of the of the largest manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US.

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Very friendly and knowledgeable!! Beautiful jewelry too!! Plus they have Hershey nuggets while you shop!

Renee Peplowski Bolton

They are a locally owned small business, and I love to support small businesses. But, they are absolutely fabulous! I love that they will change your watch battery while you wait, and guarantee it for three years. Try to find anyone else to do that, plus they have some awesome jewelry and watches.

Wicho Forrai

Definitely an awesome jeweler!

Sheri Royder Gornitz

I love Stone Creek Jewelers because of the people. Orlando and Marsha care so much about not just their work but their customers too. They take special care to choose pieces they think will make them happy. And the custom work they do is unbelievable! Orlando’s attention to detail is amazing! I was fortunate to work with them behind the scenes for a short while and I can attest that Stone Creek is truly a top notch establishment inside and out!

Natalie Morgan Pratt

Stone Creek Jeweler breathes life into amazing pieces of semi-precious and precious stones set upon your choice of detailed design. If you can dream it Marsha and Orlando can create it for you. Service is personal and caring. Smiles abound and their knowledge is deep and helpful. If you ever thought that you could not afford a personal jeweler then it’s time to re-think that because Stone Creek Jewelers is very reasonable and they will not disappoint.

Daniel Ross

Friendly and helpful. Beautiful jewelry and a nice selection of Chamilia beads…they even fixed the prongs on my engagement ring for free.

Erin Cox Nesbitt

Amazing jewelry store!! Extremely professional and prompt! I always go there for my jewelry needs:)

Cathy McVea Hernandez

A fantastic jeweler. Friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy! Great service and reasonable!

Juanita Jones Grabhorn

I like Stone Creek Jeweler because of the friendly and caring service that I receive when going there. Orlando is knowledgable and attentive. He takes great care in the jewelry that he repairs. Stone Creek is the best!

Robin Hancock Grabhorn

I love Stone Creek because it is family owned and they are so helpful and friendly. Plus, when I find something I love Marcia will contact my husband to buy it. Also, they are very supportive in our community. However, the most important thing is how trustworthy they are.

Stacy Goodbread Irons

Thank You Marsha and Orlando for an awesome Christmas gift idea for my husband to get me I love it. I love your store and your family is awesome!

Stacy Goodbread Irons

I had a watch repaired here, they were friendly and very reasonably priced. I will be taking a wedding set to them to have them appraised today. I have heard stories about jewelers who can’t be trusted and will swap diamonds out in an instant. It is hard to find a trusted jeweler.

Sara Winder

I love Stone Creek Jewelers cuz I have known Orlando for many years, and I know he puts his heart into everything that he works on. He has an awesome staff that is always ready to help customers with all their selections. Awesome place!! Art :))

Crace Art Hernandez

Just bought a really neat Texas A & M Chamilia piece there…. Awesome!!! Gig ‘Em!!!!!

Polly Haberkorn

Friendly staff, great prices. I recommend all my friends go.

Claudine Coleman

They did some great work on a charm bracelet I took in to them. Excellent service, friendly staff and reasonable pricing.

Jeanne Kite Fuller